Nearby activities for nature lovers

Eikendal Lodge combines the splendour of the Western Cape Winelands, with luxurious accommodation, guaranteed to delight discerning traveller. Situated on a working wine farm, offering spectacular surroundings, guests of Eikendal are spoilt for choice when it comes to local activities and attractions.

Our top 8 choices for those who love the South African countryside:

  1. Explore the Vineyards
    Eikendal is known for its excellent quality wines, which include wonderful red and white varieties. Enjoy a guided cellar tour, and a comprehensive tasting of some of our signature wines in our stylishly appointed tasting room. Guests of Eikendal Lodge are also invited to be part of the fun and adventure that goes into producing a bottle of Eikendal’s finest whilst participating in the picking of the grapes. Enjoy the warm African sun and the cool Winelands breeze while being part of an integral, ancient process.
  2. Jonkershoek Nature Reserve
    This reserve covers a total area of just a little over 145 square kilometres and is settled at the foot of the Hottentots Holland Mountain Range. The reserve is ideal for those that have a keen interest in the local flora, as well as for avid bird-watchers. It is home to a wonderful variety of avian species and will prove most rewarding for those who remember their binoculars.
  3. Hiking, Walking and Cycling Trails
    There are a number of beautiful trails through the nearby mountains and nature reserves, including the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. These range from short, easy strolls to more challenging hikes that require skill and fitness to complete. The views from these trails are absolutely spectacular and promise lifelong memories and stunning photographs. Road cyclists can explore the Cape Winelands comfortably by bike, while mountain bikers will love venturing out in the mountains and vineyards for some exciting and scenic rides.
  4. Scenic Flights
    The hum of the engines and the never-ending natural expanses make scenic flights over the Cape Winelands an absolute must. These formal tours showcase the breath-taking beauty of the area from a brand new perspective.
  5. Horse Riding
    Enquire at Eikendal Lodge about several options for horse riding in the area. These are picturesque, and allow you to explore the area at a comfortable pace, while enjoying the serenity of interacting with one of these gentle, but powerful animals.
  6. Adventure Sports
    Adrenalin junkies have plenty to look forward to during their stay at Eikendal Lodge. Not only is it tranquil and scenic, but there are also some stomach-lurching, heart-stopping activities just minutes away. These include paragliding, hang gliding, flying, rock climbing, canoeing, river rafting and kayaking.


Further activites recommended by us.


Scuba diving
45 minutes by car.

Sky diving
50-60 minutes by car.

Bungee jumping
30-40 minutes by car.

40 minutes by car.

Kite surfing
50 minutes by car.

Wind surfing
50 minutes by car.

Contact directly for location.

11 stunning trails nearby

Horse riding
30 minutes by car

Mountain biking
A trail for every skill level

Various locations in Cape Town and surrounding areas

5 minutes by car

Rock climbing
40 minutes by car

River rafting
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